Since 2004 Plan B Solutions has researched and analysed workplaces. Using our ever-growing knowledge base, and 20 years’ of experience, we partner with leading organisations to create working strategies – and the workplaces that support them – enabling clients to:

Unlock Flexibility. Enhance Productivity. Save Estate.

Workplace Strategy

Now that workplaces often compete with homes, we work with clients to determine the role of their workplaces within the working locations’ jigsaw.

We establish the specific needs of different cohorts of staff and identify where and how workplaces can best satisfy those needs.

We shift the balance of effectiveness towards the office for those with less conducive home environments whilst optimising the workplace for collaborative activities.

Workplaces for the Hybrid Workforce

Since home-working became widespread the demands of the office – for individuals and teams alike – has evolved.

Our hybrid workplace solutions reflect your organisation’s changing needs whilst unlocking flexibility to ensure that you can size your estate to achieve savings which recognise the substantial reduction in average utilisation levels recently experienced.

Creating workplaces which are well used and used well.

Workplace Performance Appraisal

Our Workplace Performance Appraisals go beyond simple assessments.

We identify underperforming areas, optimise space usage, and improve team collaboration.

We challenge inefficient, organically evolved workplace sharing models and provide evidence-based strategies to enhance productivity, eliminate dead space and reduce costs .

Resource Management and Booking Solutions

An effective, supportive workplace is as much about how it’s shared and how it’s accessed as about how much overall space is required and what work settings it should be filled with .

More than ever, desk booking and utilisation tracking solutions are key to the user’s experience and the Property Team’s ability to manage.

We help you find the right solution.

The Workplace Paradox

  • Property professionals walk round the office and see how poorly used the estate is
  • Teams complain that they simply do not have enough space

    The truth is that both are correct

Our evidence explains how this can be true and what solutions give teams exactly what they need AND allow the estate to be reduced in size.

Award Winning Solutions

  • Plan B Solutions’ SpaceFinder wins the HSJ 2018 Award for “Property and Estates Management Service of the Year”.

“Changing the way organisations think about, and use, their workplaces”