GovHub is a groundbreaking property solution for public sector organisations in the West Midlands Combined Authority region. It offers a network of working locations accessible to all participating staff and teams, enhancing flexibility and collaboration.

No commitment, no leases, no lawyers, no partitions. Just shared space.

“GovHub is what One Public Estate was always supposed to be!”

Steve Cooper
Head of Corporate Landlord Services
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Do you have surplus space you can’t (or can’t yet) release?

Join GovHub as a space host and generate revenue from your under-used estate.

Do you need additional or temporary office space?

Join GovHub and give your staff and teams access to a network of working locations, paying only for actual use.

GovHub utilises Plan B Solutions’ industry-leading, evidence-based FLEXshare estate sharing solutions. This enables groups to work and collaborate together seamlessly in shared environments. No negotiation, no demarcation, no fuss. Just highly efficient workplaces that optimise productivity and reduce estate costs, both within your own estate and across the GovHub network.

The Benefits of GovHub

  • Smart Property Solutions: Access prime, flexible work space. No commitment. No delay.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce estate costs and generate revenue from surplus space.
  • Regional Optimisation: Significantly decrease the overall public sector estate (and costs) across the region.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Ready to go working locations – on your doorstep.