Resource Management and Booking Solutions

The shift to remote and flexible working, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has significantly reduced the utilisation of workplaces. Even before the pandemic, average desk utilisation rarely exceeded 50-60%. Now, Plan B Solutions is currently measuring many workplaces which see peak demand for desks at or below one-third of their total desk space.

Our Workplace Strategy services help you assess and optimise your office use, and maximise the opportunity presented by low office utilisation. Today, organisations have an opportunity to reduce space (and therefore costs) on a scale never before seen.

Booking systems are seen as a key enabler to achieve these benefits. And they can be. But, simply reducing office space and installing a booking system won’t yield benefits.

What’s the role of a booking system? A booking system’s job is to automate and facilitate your chosen workplace operating model and then to make it easier for staff to get what they want more by using the system than by avoiding using it.

So, you don’t start with the booking system. Firstly, you have to determine how the workplace should operate to best deliver your desired benefits. Those benefits could be those shown on the graphic alongside.

The sequence of activities looks more like this:

  • Create a tailored workplace operating model
  • Identify how a booking system can automate and support this model
  • Select the right booking system based on your specific needs

Only when you’ve determined your workplace operating model can booking system specifics be considered.

With 20 years’ of independent experience, we understand that not all booking systems are created equal. We don’t sell booking systems but we will ensure that what you buy enhances not obstructs your workplace ambitions.

Want to use your office space more effectively?