Workplace Performance Appraisal

We have been analysing, studying and creating workplaces for over 20 years. Understanding that every organisation is unique, with its own set of requirements for individuals and teams, we use that experience to tailor workplace solutions to optimise our clients’ productivity.

For workplaces that are both well used AND used well.

Our Workplace Performance Appraisals go beyond assessing space usage; they evaluate how the workplace can be used to both enhance productivity and achieve high levels of space efficiency.

Workplace Utilisation Studies

Workplace Utilisation Studies are a critical component of our approach. These studies not only help us understand how well the workplace is used and how much space is needed but also reveal how staff interact with space. This insight allows us to understand the space types staff use for different activities and what spaces may enhance productivity for both staff and teams.

Crucially, our Workplace Utilisation Studies include the in-depth analysis of how the workplace is shared. Nearly all workplace sharing models have evolved organically and are woefully inefficient – they design in dead space, hinder team collaboration, and incur unnecessary estate costs. Just because it’s common practice, doesn’t make it right.

At Plan B Solutions, we base our sharing approaches on evidence and can demonstrate the benefits of our Workplace Sharing Models and evidence the poor performance of the industry norms.

Staff Surveys and 1-to-1s

Using employee surveys and 1 to 1 interviews with senior staff, we investigate factors including staff productivity indicators across various working locations, including office and home environments.

This allows us to establish:

  • The key drivers which bring staff into the office.
  • The range of activities which the office needs to optimally prioritise.
  • How your network of working locations can collectively form a complementary and highly productive environment.