Workplaces for the Hybrid Workforce

Contemporary office use is different in two key ways from before.

Firstly, the pre-dominant activities carried out at the workplace by individual and team alike are shifting which means that work settings – in terms of both type and mix – need to evolve.

Secondly, and perhaps unexpectedly, team-based desking areas actually face INCREASED space pressure due to more home working. Because teams come together less often it’s more important when they do and this results in potentially larger numbers converging on the office than before – including in team desking areas.

This creates a paradox: average office and desk utilisation is much reduced, but peak demand for team zones is higher than ever.

Our solutions enable organisations to substantially reduce the amount of overall space required – to reflect the changes we’ve all seen in average workplace utilisation levels – whilst uniquely accommodating demand within teams at true peak levels without compromising productivity nor introducing desk scarcity.

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