Workplace Strategy

Work is something you do
not somewhere you go

We work with you to establish the role of the workplace within your organisation, to determine how well your current workplaces satisfy that role, and what could or should be done to unlock flexibility, enhance productivity and save estate costs.

For most organisations, the role of the workplace has changed since 2020. Very often the office is now not the workplace but just one of a number of options staff have including their own home.

Research into staff productivity

For individuals, our research tells us that most staff have the capacity to be much more productive working the average day from home rather than from the office. But that’s not the whole story – two key considerations need to inform the workplace strategy:

1.) What must be in place for that full productivity potential to be realised?

2.) What is the impact on team and organisational output of significant levels of home-based working?

Whilst home can be a highly productive environment for the individual, a significant proportion of staff struggle to be effective from home and can find the experience deeply unsatisfying and – for the majority who feel this –  the issue is nothing to do with the role they have. For these people, the available workplace options must satisfy additional requirements if we are to make work a rewarding and productive experience and in order to retain valuable staff.

We work with you to evaluate the use and performance of all workplaces available to staff – including their homes, to develop a working and workplace strategy blueprint and, where appropriate, to prove new solutions in the client environment – and all in good time to establish your overall requirements for your next lease break.

“Changing the way organisations think about, and use, their workplaces”

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